Phil TheIssuesGuy


Star Trek Discussion with Ideas of Ice and Fire ( From Summer 2017)

April 5, 2018

Star Trek is one of the best  Tv franchise of all time. From TOS to Next Generation to Deep Space 9  and Voyager. (ENT did not happen) My goal is this year to bring more and more fun trek talk. I was lucky enough to be invited to talk with Ideas of Ice and Fire to discuss our our mutual love for Star Trek and some issues with some Trek fans. This Cast got lost for a bit in the mix of other projects, but we talked about and Quinn was awesome enough to send it to me to upload as a podcast and we are both really happy to be able to post this now! Hope you enjoy and HUGE THANKS to Quinn! This was originally recorded before Discovery or the Orville had premiered sometime Over the Summer of 2017. We hope you enjoy!  


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